Where it all began

With no specialist running shops in Lisburn, Michael Stewart and Gillian Burns decided to take a chance and open their very own spot in 2020.

“We both have a love for running and a passion for the sport. Given the times we are in, we thought that this is the ideal time to take our love of running to the next level and create a running outlet that is very much a part of the local running community. "



We attend courses, talk to local physios and immerse ourselves in the latest studies all for the benefit of every runner that walks through our doors. We strive to offer the best advice to all running abilities, provide connections to clubs and promote local races. Our store is setup to provide a full gait analysis service that everyone can avail of.

Gait Analysis

Whether your walking, racing, training, couch to 5k...ing, we can assess your gait and provide insights to the right footwear for you.

Click the link below or read the next steps to know what to expect.

Learn about gait analysis
  • 1. Arrive In Store

    Pop in anytime, we will provide you with a neutral/unstructured shoe to start with. You then walk/jog on our treadmill for less than a minute while record your legs.


    No race pace here, just comfortable moving!

  • 2. Results

    We then play back the footage to you, pointing out areas of interest. This information allows us to provide a range of shoes for your feet.


    Let the fun begin!

  • 3. Run and repeat

    Work your way through the styles to find the most slipper like fit for you. Jump on the treadmill, take as long as you need until you are happy with your choice.


    You'll be spoilt for choice!

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We are proud to be part of our local running community with strong links to all of the clubs and social running groups.