• 1. Arrive In Store

    Pop in anytime, we will provide you with a neutral/unstructured shoe to start with. You then walk/jog on our treadmill for less than a minute while record your legs.


    No race pace here, just comfortable moving!

  • 2. Results

    We then play back the footage to you, pointing out areas of interest. This information allows us to provide a range of shoes for your feet.


    Let the fun begin!

  • 3. Run and repeat

    Work your way through the styles to find the most slipper like fit for you. Jump on the treadmill, take as long as you need until you are happy with your choice.


    You'll be spoilt for choice!

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It's all about you!

We see all ages and abilities in store, so we always keep an open mind when starting fresh with everyone we meet. Whether you are recommended in from your friend, physio or facebook we will make sure you leave with all the information and gear to achieve your goals.

You start by telling us everything. Make sure you don't miss a single detail, as this helps us build a picture of where you are in your journey and where you hope to end up.

Gait Analysis

Whether your walking, racing, training, couch to 5k...ing, we can assess your gait and provide insights to the right footwear for you.

You will be on the machine at a pace that is comfortable for you which can be walking or running, no heavy exertion.

This just helps us get a good idea of what shoes would suit you.

Choose your shoe

Once we have the video analysis from the treadmill we will bring out a selection of shoes that we feel would work for you. We then go through the process of eliminating each option based on fit, comfort and looks (fashion is also important we find).

We stock a number of market leading running brands which provide a huge range of fits so it is very rare that we can't find a shoe for you.

Take your time, we will never pressure you to take a shoe that you don't like. We understand that it is daunting if you are doing this for the first time so will leave you to think about it and work through at your own pace. We are always on hand to answer any questions.

Why us?

We attend courses, talk to local physios and immerse ourselves in the latest studies, all for the benefit of every runner, walker and exercise enthusiast that walks through our doors. We strive to offer the best advice to all running abilities, provide connections to clubs and promote local races. We are experts in our field and only focus on running so you can trust that we know our stuff.

Don't take our word for it

We pride ourselves for our customer service and hope that our 5 star Google Reviews are testament to the effort we put into each and every customer that we meet. Feel free to have a read through a few of our reviews and if you've been in to us feel free to add your own one too, they really make our day!

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