A Few Choices

VÅGA strive to create great new products for those who have put their trust in them, as well as those they will reach in the future. They strive to help grow the community of team VÅGA and what it stands for and ensure that their energy is invested in ideas and results that benefit all those who engage with VÅGA and leave a positive impact on the environment.

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Hat's For All

Team VÅGA feel that despite having some elite athletes among them, their common ground is their spirit. It is more about why, rather than how fast, how long or how high. The VÅGA mantra is; we dare, we venture, we risk. 

Why Våga?

Whether it’s running in the Summer sun or Winter snow, protection from the elements should always be at the forefront of one's mind.  Våga's sole purpose is to offer this protection and to do so with an air of style. 

When you run in a world where even the most marginal gain can be the difference between finishing or not, the question shouldn’t only be “why Våga” but also “why not”?  

We're here!

Check our stock availability, order an item or learn more about Våga and our other products. We are a friendly bunch and are always up for a chat about anything running related.

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